what does 'think naturals' mean?

We use 100% soy and any additives are natural and pure botanicals. We are paraffin free, dye-free, zinc free, lead free (absolutely no metal is used in our wicks). We use only cotton or hemp wicks in all our candles. This is why we are Think Naturals~ this is the purity to the natural burn of our candles.

Why are my candles buttery white?

We do not add any bleach or dyes to our soy candles, so what you get is an all natural soy candle that reflects the beauty of soy combined with our fine fragrance and essential oils.  

Why does the top of my candle discolor after burning?

Because we do not add anything but fragrance to our candles, there is no  bleach or color dye to cover up the true color a soy candle burns after burning for a couple of hours.

How long should i burn my candle?

Very important the first time you burn your candle, Think Naturals candles should burn at least 1 hour or longer (depending on size) until you get a full melt pool to the sides of your container. This means, you should wait until your candle has liquified across the top entirely.  If you don't intend to let your candle burn that long, please wait until you can. You can create tunneling and this isn't fun.  Tunneling is where you will have a burn in the middle of the candle down and the sides aren't completely melted. You will waste your candle burn time.  We at Think Naturals want you to ejoy your candle in its entirety!

trimming your wick

You should trim your wick to 1/4 inch above the wax each time you enjoy your candle. 

Recycle your Candle container

When your candle is through, just clean your glass with soap and warm water and you are left with a wonderful drinking glass or catch-all! The beauty of soy is that it is so easy to clean.